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The Power of Neon

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Neon colors have been popular for decades. They were popularized in
the 1980s through many hit movies and TV shows, especially those that
centered their stories on the American high school years. This genre of
entertainment was embraced in the 1980s because the previous decade was a
darker time in American history. Cities across the country were experiencing
a rise in crime and drug use, as well as intense political drama during Nixon’s
presidency and eventual resignation. 

It’s no surprise then why the 1980s exploded with color and the MTV
generation influenced the colors in fashion. Neon came to represent the
optimism felt throughout the country. It was a joyful expression for a brighter
future and its youthful spirit also made people feel great.

Today, neon colors continue to command attention, our human eyes
simply can’t ignore them. When you put on a neon dress, you are signaling to
the world that a bold and confident woman is coming its way. These hot
colors shine during cold and grey days… and on hot days they bring cheer to
a summer wardrobe. If you are an adventurous woman looking for more
vibrancy in life, then it’s time to add neon to your collection and embrace the
power of neon.


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