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THE NEXT WAVE OF LOS ANGELES IT-GIRLS KEEP IT NAUGHTY AND A LITTLE BIT NICE UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH LEILA RAHIMI, ADRIANA SAHAR, AND GANNA BOGDAN  PHOTOGRAPHY BY JONNIE CHAMBERS NOV 21, 2017 Continuing in the spirit of our 1999-themed issue, here we present three mega babes―all under-the-radar influencers―who epitomize Los Angeles style. "It's an attitude," says CR's Ben Perreira. "The look doesn't have clear lines about what's designer and what's not." Meet the must-follow girls as they showcase Fall's personality-packed fashion. ADRIANA SAHAR, DESIGNER Instagram: @adrianasaharshop About Her: Born and raised in L.A., the 25-year-old designer is an over-the-top Persian princess (her...

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  "ADRIANA SAHAR WENT FROM WORKING IN HER PARENTS’ GARAGE TO WORKING THE RUNWAY When I first found Adriana Sahar, it was about two years ago on my Twitter feed. Someone retweeted a photo of her in this bomb, hot pink two piece. As a thick gal in the fashion world, it’s still really difficult to find basically anyone to look up to, even in 2018, so I was stoked.   When Adriana first hopped on the scene, she was the thick girl goddess that the fashion industry desperately needed. Fuller figured women were sick of designers and brands dolling out...

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