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Masturbation, A Great Form of Self-Care

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Last week I shared with you guys the start of my journey to loving myself endlessly. It’s been a pivotal moment in my life, full of discovery and delight. This journey of Self-care has opened doors to an intimate relationship I never thought would be healthy for me… let me ask you: Have you ever considered masturbation to be a great form of self-care? Society has policed our bodies for so long that every aspect of our lives is questioned, judged, and unappreciated. What’s worse is that we are made to feel uncomfortable about our own bodies. For instance, do you recall ever learning about female masturbation in sex education? Or do your girls talk about it freely with you? Chances are that these conversations are not being had because there’s a stigma surrounding female masturbation. We are made to feel like touching our bodies is inappropriate and even disgusting.
 But touching yourself is an easy and wonderful way to de-stress and to also get to know your body more intimately. There’s nothing more beautiful than being in touch (no pun intended) with your sexuality, with what makes you happy. After all, you can’t really care for yourself if you aren’t aware of how your body works and how to pleasure it.
Take pride in your vagina and be comfortable with it. Although sometimes you may just want to get off, you should also aim to be mindful when masturbating. Whether you’re using lube and a vibrator or just your fingers, be present in this moment of intimacy and explore different pressure points and sensations - discover feelings you did not know you could produce! Don’t be shy to try other toys that may offer clitoral stimulation or even anal ones. With lots of nerve endings around this region, many people have found that massaging that area may be a lot better.
 Masturbation can help improve your health as well. When you masturbate, your cervix stretches and this may help prevent urinary tract infections and cervical infections. Using lubrication instead of saliva is highly recommended though, because saliva interferes with the pH balance of your vagina - and if this happens, it may give you a yeast infection.
Remember, this isn’t a pornographic endeavor. Of course, there’s no shame in enjoying porn, but pornography is staged and any stimulation you may get from it may be from the sheer act of watching it. Your body is unique and must be loved, nurtured, and explored at your comfort and direction. You owe it to yourself to fulfill your every need and enjoy the pleasure of your own company. So book a date with yourself and set the mood to your liking and allow yourself to feel. Whether you climax or not, the point is to practice Self-care to the fullest; you will still enjoy the benefits that come with a rush of endorphins, improved cardiovascular health, alleviated period cramps, and plain ol’ genuine self-love.


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