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Fuckboys: What Are They Good For? Absolutely Nothing

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Ladies, the time has come to end things with fuckboys once and for all. Many of us have been there before or know a friend that can’t seem to shake off the fuckboy in her life. And why is that? Why do we fall for the fuckboy instead of pursuing the good guy? They say nice guys finish last – but we’re the ones who end up broken hearted and stuck in the same cycle of fuckboys who don’t love us and just want to get in our pants. Fuckboys prey on our insecurities and manipulate our emotions, often coming in between our friends and true happiness. We lie to ourselves and say that fuckboys give us adventure, but the only adventure a fuckboy can take us
to is a downward spiral to misery.

First and foremost we must understand that we are allowing this negative behavior to enter our lives. It’s always difficult to face our own problems; we don’t like it when people point out our mistakes, but we also don’t like sitting down with our thoughts and owning up to them all by ourselves. We carry on like this, believing that we don’t deserve anything better in our lives, and the fuckboy gives us the freedom to continue to not care about anything serious. A fuckboy who doesn’t care for us is basically giving us permission to aim low, to be satisfied with mediocrity. Since the fuckboy isn’t challenging us to be better, we in turn don’t try to better ourselves because we are under the illusion of being accepted for who we are. The solution to this is simple: Don’t give fuckboys your time, invest everything you have in yourself. By working on yourself, you will know just how much valuable you are. You will then attract positive people in your life who will challenge you to improve yourself even more.

Another reason why we fall for a fuckboy is because we confuse drama for attention. We think that each fight means that we care for him (and that he cares in return). Don’t even get me started on the stupid belief that we can change the fuckboy into a prince charming. The drama serves as a reminder of all the negative things we think we can change – but the problem is not our capacity to love or fix someone, the problem is that we allowed this fuckboy to make us feel like we need him to give us meaning, to give us a purpose. And then when the drama becomes
too much and the fuckboy isn’t making us feel any better, we go and pour our hearts out to our girlfriends so they can give us the comfort we never got from the fuckboy. It’s as if we almost enjoy gossiping about our suffering. What we need to do is forget about all the drama. We need to pursue peace and to learn to listen to our mind, heart, and gut. We are smart enough to know that being treated poorly is not healthy; we are strong enough to know that our hearts are precious and not worth a fuckboy’s lies; we are wise enough to know that our instincts are great and are meant to protect us from danger and unhappiness.

Become strong and independent and learn to love yourselves first, ladies. You don’t need a fuckboy for meaning and adventure – you only need yourself.

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