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Beautiful In Your Own Skin

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Whether you are petite, tall and thin, or a heavy-set woman, you are and will always be beautiful. As hard as the fashion industry will try to convince you, there is no set of measurements that will make a woman perfect or beautiful. No matter the amount of summer campaigns you see in magazines that are designed to get you “looking your best” by doing intensive exercises, know that if you decide to not work out at all – you are still as beautiful as ever. Similarly, no matter how much you eat in an attempt to gain the weight that your petite frame does not have, know that if you decide to stop at any moment, you are still as beautiful as ever.

Although the fashion and media industries in general have made an attempt to be inclusive, they still neglect to include all women. Can you honestly tell me that you’ve seen women with potbellies celebrated in print media? Now that “plus-size” models are becoming more popular, we must not forget about our beautiful ladies who are size 8 and (according to current media) not skinny enough to be svelt models or big enough for plus-size status. If you are a size 8 woman and are struggling to fit into an identity – stop right there! You are enough, just the way you are.

Fashion designers and marketing agencies must realize that advertising for “real
women” while at the same time not having in stock all kinds of sizes of the clothing they are selling, will hurt them. Using only one type of woman to model their clothing will also hurt them; the average girl will not have an idea how a dress or a particular clothing item will look like on her if the model is not representative of the average girl. This might cause you to feel inadequate about your body because it may look like you won’t fit into those clothes, and in turn, you might feel depressed and ugly. Again, stop right there! A photoshopped model is not the standard of beauty! Imagine what would happen if tomorrow, the majority of women in America wake up feeling amazing about themselves, not caring about their love handles or
saddlebags anymore; it will destroy the foundation the fashion industry is built upon!

Every single body type is beautiful because it is being carried by the gorgeous and powerful woman in you. No matter your dress size, you are capable of claiming your space everywhere you go. You are beautiful.

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  • Marissa Gaglione: September 19, 2019

    I’m a size 12-14 here and although it’s xl for some people it’s large for others and I’ve never seen anyone like my body type… I’m too small to be big and I’m too big to be small. I’d be happy being medium but I’m significantly chubbier than “medium”. Not only that, but big girls are only celebrated when they have thick thighs and a tiny waist, some of us aren’t built that way at all. there’s nothing wrong with anybody but it’s so hard to feel okay in your own skin when everyone likes everything else but your type.

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